Consana Pilot with Genacross Lutheran Services Highlights the Power of Comprehensive Medication Management

Consana Pilot with Genacross Lutheran Services Highlights the Power of Comprehensive Medication Management

Patients saw a reduction of 3 prescriptions, on average.


Consana, a Texas-based leader in comprehensive medication management solutions and a Simply Connect partner, announced today the results from its pilot program with Genacross Lutheran Services, a provider of senior living services in northwest Ohio, and the data spotlight the power of comprehensive medication assessments in both improving resident outcomes and saving on prescription costs.

The average age of the participants in the pilot was 75 years old and each individual was taking an average of 11 medications when the pilot began (prescription, over-the-counter, samples, medications given by family/friends, etc.). Utilizing Consana’s patient-focused model of care coupled with a cutting-edge technology platform, Consana spent time with each of the individuals to gain a more complete, holistic view of the patient’s health and protocols and, accordingly, was able to cut the patients’ daily medication regimen by nearly three prescriptions. Those reductions not only reduced the risk of medication complications and harmful side-effects, but also reduced health care costs for both residents and providers. Thanks to Consana’s medication management program, the estimated cost avoidance for this demonstration was over $3,000 per patient per encounter.

“This pilot echoes what we see wherever we go,” said Karmen Stephens, Consana’s vice president of Clinical. “Comprehensive medication management consistently prevents medication misuse. These results remind us again of the importance of making sure that patients are on a medication protocol that is safe, effective and therapeutically optimized.”

One pilot participant living in an independent living apartment setting and receiving community-based services had her medications delivered in a pre-packaged strip pack that told her which medicines she was supposed to take and when, as well as who had prescribed them. She thought she had everything under control. The Consana pharmacist asked her about a 24-hour extended release blood pressure medicine she was taking twice daily and if she ever felt dizzy or lightheaded. She said she did, and another doctor had prescribed her an anti-vertigo medicine three times a day to treat that very side effect. That medication commonly causes constipation, causing the first doctor to prescribe her a third daily medication. This type of adverse drug event that leads to treatment with another medication -- and then even more medication -- is what is known as a “prescribing cascade.” By contacting her doctor, adjusting the blood pressure medication dose and explaining what was happening, the Consana clinical pharmacist was able to help the patient’s care team manage her blood pressure, relieve her dizziness and constipation, and remove five unnecessary doses from her daily routine.

The Consana process begins by ensuring that the patient is taking the most cost-effective and clinically appropriate medication possible. They then intervene to solve the patient’s medication related problems (starting new appropriate therapies, changing medications or doses, de-prescribing inappropriate medications, and/or providing training/education to the patient/caregiver to optimize current therapy, etc.). Consana then develops patient-centric therapy goals for each of the patient’s disease states that are individualized per patient based on risk, comorbidities, medication experience, preferences, cost and prescriber intentions. Goals are then designed with measurable outcome parameters that can be monitored and evaluated on a continual basis. Consana then directs patients to other supportive services and providers within the patient's covered benefit and the finalized medication therapy plan will be delivered to the patient and/or care provider. Consana will work with the patient/care provider to provide comprehensive education and understanding of all aspects of the plan. The patient will be provided with take-aways, including an up-to-date medication/indication list, detailed instructions about the “how, when, and why” of their medicines, contact information for their personal pharmacist, and planning for follow-ups.

In the United States, medication misuse is currently a $528 billion problem and 50 percent of the prescription medications taken each year in the U.S. are used improperly. The kind of medication management that Consana provides could save up to 300,000 lives every single year.


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