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If you have any questions please contact the Consana clinical services team at 833-444-8840. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why is Consana calling my office?

Consana partners with health plans, organizations, and providers to address opportunities to improve the health of our shared patients. If we called your office, one of your patients is part of our program and we have identified something we would like to address with you. It could relate to patient adherence, medications from another prescribers office, therapeutic alternatives or difficulties the patient is having with their chronic disease state. These are just some examples of information Consana might communicate to your office. Consana also calls providers to help patients coordinate follow-ups or address medication issues identified during our comprehensive medication reviews.

I received a letter/fax from Consana. What do I do now?

Consana may reach out to your office by fax, letter, or secure email if you prefer. If action is required or any time you want to make a change to the patient’s medication therapy, you can document the change on the Consana communication and include it in the patient’s medical record. If a new prescription is sent to the pharmacy or the patient needs an appointment that information can be documented and returned to Consana so we can follow up with each member of the care team including the patient. If you would like to talk to a member of the Consana clinical team first, please call the number on the communication.

Can I change the way I receive these communications/What if I receive too many communications?

If you would like to change the method of communication Consana uses to contact your office (i.e. if you have a direct secure messaging service/email you would like to use) please call us at 833-444-8840 so we can update your contact preferences. If you have responded to a communication and continue to receive it please give us a call so we can correct this issue. Once each patient communication is addressed by your office it will be documented in our record and you should not receive it again. If the patient is no longer seen by your office or you would like to forward the communication to another provider please let us know so we can send the information to the correct provider.

I received a recommendation from Consana and would like to make a medication change. Where should I send the information?

Any new prescriptions, discontinuations, or changes in therapy should be sent to the patient’s preferred pharmacy and communicated to the patient as usual. Consana works with all the health care team members and the patient to resolve any concerns but does not dispense medications.

What if I have more questions about how the Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) process works?

Please feel free to call the Consana team at 833-444-8840 if you have any questions at all or would like more information. Both patient and provider satisfaction are crucial parts of the integrated care team model we are building at Consana.